The Question That Every Fan Is Asking About Amy And The Wedding Plans


“We’re employing a mathematical approach [for wedding planning] called decision theory,” said Sheldon Cooper. On the latest Big Bang Theory, it looks like Sheldon and Amy have developed a stress-free approach to wedding planning.

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Essentially, Sheldon and Amy put all of the steps into a random slot machine-like program that spins the dial. Sheldon gets date cards and Amy gets photos. Sheldon gets seating chart and Amy gets place cards, and so on.

But things eventually go downhill, even with the best plans.

Sheldon Cooper Randomizes Wedding Plans

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“Do you think that might be jarring—going from whole pioneers to space Nazis?” asked Amy Farrah Fowler. This isn’t exactly the same conversation that the normal couple might have, but everyone fights about wedding plans.

“It’s not what I’m thinking. And, to save you the trouble for the future, it will never be what I’m thinking,” responded Amy to Sheldon’s latest suggestion. Whether it’s Luke Skywalker or colonial plans, their wedding is about to clash.

Eventually, this leads to a settlement to just get married at town hall.

Better Than Dark Matter Because…

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So far, Sheldon Cooper made it clear that he can’t make plans on his own. Before, he started to get an ulcer and talk in his sleep. But he also couldn’t let Amy make all the plans because he’s so very… particular.

With the randomizer, it seemed to be the best of both worlds. In reality though, their two opinions are so different that they completely clash. Instead, they should made decisions and then let the other make one of a few approved choices.

In the end, Sheldon Cooper once again realized the importance of Amy in his life. While waiting at town hall, he realized that Amy is actually his version of dark matter, but she’s even more important because he wasn’t looking for her.

Like Sheldon Cooper’s mother, Sheldon also thought he would never get married. Unlike Raj, he didn’t see this as a bad thing, just a high plausibility. With that in mind, Amy is better than anyone he could have ever even imagined.

Do you think Amy Farrah Fowler will get to make all of the plans now?