7 Shocking Facts You Never Knew About Jim Parsons


Jim Parsons is an interesting guy. He’s managed to snag 4 Emmy awards, came up with the idea for Young Sheldon, and has broken out into the motion picture industry. Here are 7 facts you may not have known about the actor behind Sheldon Cooper.

1) Jim Parsons’ Career Really Started With TBBT

Jim Parsons’ career has skyrocketed thanks to The Big Bang Theory. Many fans are shocked to find out that Jim had very few other roles in television before starring on the show. 

While many actors climb the latter or success, it seems Parsons jumped right up to the top. Before starring on the biggest show in television, Jim had done a string of Quiznos’ commercials. He’d also worked on a few unsold pilots. Other than that he really hadn’t worked much. He also came to success at a later age than most. (For example, Kaley Cuoco was 21 when the pilot aired. Jim was 35.) Parsons remembers getting the audition for TBBT, and saying to himself, “You’ve been living in purgatory for a while and sort of hanging around. And this could be a very life-changing thing that’s about to happen.”

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