The young writer, business woman, and professional speaker lives quite the busy life these days, but never forgets to put family first!

Sadie’s Week

One of the youngest Duck Dynasty cast members is Sadie Robertson.  The nineteen-year-old Louisiana native has used her fame from Duck Dynasty to create her own personal brand.   She is the granddaughter of Phil Robertson, and the daughter of Willie Robertson. Sadie is an author, professional speaker, appeared on Dancing With The Stars, and is a social media influencer.

Sadie has 2.8 million followers on Instagram, making her social media profiles an incredibly influential platform for her Christian worldviews.  She often posts her everyday life activities and also promotes her family’s brand along with her own business endeavors.  She has five siblings, and often features her friends and family on her incredibly popular social media accounts. So what’s in store for this social media influencer this week?

Family First

Photo by Sadie Robertson, from Instagram.comPhoto by Sadie Robertson, from

Sadie posted two pictures this week of her cousins, perpetuating the spirit of family strength that has made the Robertson’s famous.  The first was with cousin Ally Moore.  Sadie tagged her darling kin in the photo, almost ensuring Ally’s number of followers would rise.  Helping out family is what Duck Dynasty girls do best!  Ally has an impression 13.3 thousand followers in her own right, and often posts pictures of her exotic travels. 

Photo by Sadie Robertson from Instagram.comPhoto by Sadie Robertson from

The second cousin is probably too young to have an Instagram.  However, what he lacks in social media presence he makes up for in cuteness!  Sadie wished her little cousin a happy birthday with a cheerful caption and adorable Insta-shot.

Touring Girl

Photo By Sadie Robertson from Instagram.comPhoto By Sadie Robertson from

Sadie also announced on her Instagram this week that she will be hosting this year’s Winter Jam Tour in 2017.  She will be a special guest in Houston on 2/28, Indianapolis on 3/20, Birmingham on 3/21 and Memphis on 3/22.  Winter Jam is a Christian Rock tour that showcases many influential speakers and artists in the Christian community.  She will be right alongside performers like David Crowder, Britt Nicole, and Tenth Avenue North.  Sadie clearly has no stage fright.  She’s been featured on full episodes of Duck Dynasty for 10 seasons now, and has never been shy around large crowds.  She continues to spread her message of moral living through all of her work projects.

Diamond in the Rough

Photo by Sadie Robertson from Instagram.comPhoto by Sadie Robertson from

Sadie also spent more time with relatives.  She announced her Grandma, Chrys Howard, gifted her a diamond necklace in celebration of her graduation year.  Sadie stated, “for graduation this year my sweet grandma got me a diamond cross necklace to match hers. I will truly cherish this forever.”  Chrys is Korie Robertson’s mother.  Both Sadie and Korie share a striking resemblance to Chrys. And they all share a love of both the Lord and fashion!

She’s a busy girl!  We love Keeping up with Sadie and all she continues to accomplish!

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