What Sadie Robertson Looks For In A Man Might Surprise You…

By Eli Smith | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-08-28

Sadie Robertson has garnered quite a bit of media attention recently. The Duck Dynasty alum and current star of Sun Sand And Romance have been speaking publicly about her past relationship faux pas, and what she looks for in a man these days.

Sadie Robertson Is Looking For Love

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Sadie Robertson recently revealed that her past relationships were far from perfect. The young star has been linked to Louisiana native Blake Coward for many years. Fans assumed their relationship was perfect, but after a recent blog post, we now know the truth. Sadie described the coupling as unhealthy and tumultuous. She recalls screaming fights and hurtful words.

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However, Sadie is still open to the idea of love and revealed to Entertainment Tonight exactly what she’s looking for in a man. “I’m looking for somebody who just loves the person I am, and not who I am with the public… I want somebody who calls me and is with me, and I can literally show up at their house — which is like my typical — bun on top of the head, no makeup, sweatpants, sweatshirt. That’s what I want.” It seems Sadie isn’t looking for a high profile relationship and would prefer someone who appreciates her casual southern lifestyle.

Prayers For Her Man

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Sadie also revealed that she prays for the man of her dreams to come into her life. “I search for someone who is led by the perfect love of our Jesus.” Sadie explained, “I pray for him daily. I cannot wait to bring Godly passionate love into a dull world.” Sadie also suggested she’d like to take a break from the public eye for a while, “I want somebody I can just go play tennis with because this life is not normal that I’m living right now.” She added, “I want somebody I can just be normal with.”

Who do you think Sadie Robertson will date next?


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