6 LOVELY Sheldon And Amy Moments That Led To Their Wedding


Sheldon and Amy’s wedding is fast approaching. It’s sure to be a momentous and iconic Big Bang Theory episode. As we prepare ourselves, let’s remember 6 of their biggest relationship milestones. 

What Makes Sheldon and Amy So Great

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What makes Sheldon and Amy so great is their ability to accept one another for who they truly are. Their relationship has developed SO slowly and organically that we’ve been able to see them truly grow into a beautiful pair. Amy understands Sheldon’s anxieties and quirks, and in turn, Sheldon tries his very hardest to learn more and more about Amy each episode. Here are our favorite 6 moments in this special relationship.

6) Sheldon And Amy First Meet

Howard and Raj truly deserve all the credit when it comes to Sheldon and Amy’s relationship. They secretly signed Sheldon up for an online match maker, and he was paired with Amy as a “perfect match.” Mayim Bialik was cast to be a female version of Sheldon, so Amy truly is nearly identical to him in personality. That is, when we first meet her. Over the course of the series we’ve gotten to know her far better, and see her many emotional complexities.

However, in this first meeting both parties are equally awkward, all business, and undeniably perfect for one another. Amy informs Sheldon that she has come as an obligation to her mother. Sheldon is intrigued, and from there the best love story of all time begins.

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