5 Things You Didn’t Know About Simon Helberg

Image result for simon helberg factsphoto by thefactsite.com Simon Helberg plays the outgoing and flamboyant character of Howard on The Big Bang Theory. The actor shot to fame on the show, but there are quite a few things you probably don’t know about him.

Simon Maxwell Helberg was born December 9th, 1980, in the year of the Monkey. Many fans were shocked to hear that he has always lived in Los Angeles. While most actors uproot and move to LA once they realize their acting dreams, Simon has always called the City of Angels home.

Simon is an accomplished pianist. On The Big Bang Theory, we’ve seen him sing to Bernadette a few times while playing the keys. In reality, Simon is a much more accomplished musician than Howard. Simon attended the Tisch School of The Arts at NYU, and studied to be a concert pianist. He used his piano skills in Florence Foster Jenkins.

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Another fun fact about Simon- he lives in Charlie Sheen’s old house. The TBBT star rakes in about a million dollars an episode these days. That salary allowed him and his wife, Jocelyn Towne to buy the 2.9 million dollar mansion.

Simon also has a black belt in Karate. He received the high honor at the young age of just 10 years old. He really is a truly multi-talented guy.

Family In The Business

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He’s got family in show buisness. Simon’s parents are both a part of the entertainment industry. His father is an actor, Sandy Helberg. His mother, Harriet L Helberg, is a prominent casting director. This might explain how he was able to get his first role at just 19 years old. He stood in as an extra in the project Mumford.

Did you know any of these Simon Helberg facts? There’s so much to know about the man behind Howard Wolowitz.

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