A Salesman Knocks On Phil’s Door, But Had No Idea What Would Happen Next


What’s your ideal perfect day? Many people might describe a relaxing day on a beach, with a drink in their hand, and the wind in their hair. Phil Robertson, however, has a much different answer.

Phil Robertson’s Perfect Day

We can’t get over this incredible throwback video we found of Phil Robertson. In the viral clip, Phil describes what his perfect day is like. Many people might assume he would like to spend 24 hours duck hunting, and spending time with family. Instead, Phil prefers to spend his day spreading the word of God.

Phil didn’t just describe an ideal day. He described a day that actually happened. Apparently, one day a salesman came calling at Phil’s house. Instead of Phil giving him a run for his money, he turned the man to Christ. That, to Phil, is a day well spent.

Phil said, “A perfect day to me would be some guy to pull up in a fancy looking card in my yard, and his hair is just straight back. Which tells you instantaneously that he’s a man on the move…”

The salesman was selling a water filter for 215 dollars. The poor guy had no idea what sort of household he had walked into. He had rehearsed a perfect sales pitch, but all Phil wanted to know was how much it would cost.

Phil Spreads The Good News

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Photo by thechristianpost.com

Phil said, “Here’s the deal, I will buy a water filter from you for $215 dollars, only if you will sit down and let me share the good news of Jesus with you. That’s the deal.”

Phil wrote the check then and there. The salesman set up the water filter, then Phil read the Bible. Apparently, the salesman was taken with what Phil had said, and he immediately asked to be baptized.

Phil said to the man, “Now look, this is the good day for you. It’s the perfect day…You have sold a water filter, and you got 215 dollars in your pocket…You have eternal life on the same day.”

Can you imagine walking into Phil Robertson’s home ready to sell a water filter, and instead getting baptized? That’s just how things go down in West Monroe Louisiana.