Ten Years Of The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Fans have been loving The Big Bang Theory since 2007 and basically every character on the show has found love except for Raj over the past ten years. Perhaps Season 11 will be his time to shine.

Leonard and Penny got married and Howard and Bernadette have already had their first baby. Now, based on last year’s cliffhanger, it looks like Sheldon and Amy are bout to be engaged (unless Amy decides to make Sheldon wait).

Raj has loved and lost, but he’s yet to find the right girl for him.

Showrunner Talks About Raj’s Love Life

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Showrunner Steve Molaro has said, “I want Raj to be happy. I want him to find happiness in himself. Does that mean finding another person? I don’t know. Maybe he can have great success in work.”

“Sometimes we get caught up so much in the relationships here that we forget that these are actually functioning, brilliant scientists who are really good at what they do. Whether it’s in the relationship side, or on the professional front, I hope Raj can have some success, somehow.”

This isn’t exactly the response fans want to hear, but it’s a start.

Will Raj Find Love In Season 11?

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

He has come a long way, but his character arc hasn’t evolved too much. He has gone from not being able to speak to women at all to going on dates (thanks to alcohol from Penny’s first bartending episode).

The idea of him finding success at work is something, but it’s not really enough. He has wanted to find love since the very beginning and it’s possible we’ll see some sulking at Sheldon’s wedding if Raj can’t find a date.

There’s also the added pressure from his parents to get married. Based on some of his cultures growing up, it looked like he was going to possibly have an arranged marriage, but Raj would prefer to find true love.

Since he is so sensitive, we certainly hope he finds the right girl for him this season.

Do you think Raj will find love in Season 11 of TBBT?

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