With Daryl’s life on the line, one YouTube “Crazy Mom” lets loose with a string of expletives and cries of sorrow while watching The Walking Dead.

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It’s probably a safe bet that a lot of Walking Dead fans spent Sunday night either cringing or screaming at the television. Or maybe a combination of both. The reveal of who Negan bludgeoned to death was highly-anticipated. A near-record 17 million viewers tuned in to see Abraham and Glenn die. But perhaps no one had as visceral a reaction as one particular mom; a video of her is now making the rounds on the internet.

Mom on the Warpath

A Walking Dead fan recorded his mother watching the Season 7 premiere from beginning to end. She screams and rants endlessly throughout. Like a lot of fans, she seems particularly concerned about Daryl.

A word of caution: even though producers may have taken out Negan’s multiple f-bombs from the comics, this mom is not holding back. There’s a LOT of cursing, so don’t blast it at work.

“You’re so sick I hate you you’re so evil you’re so sick. Motherf***er I’d kill you in a heartbeat come to my side of town motherf***er!” she screams to Negan through the TV.

Daryl’s Safety is Priority #1

Her affection for Daryl is particularly hilarious. Even through Glenn and Abraham’s deaths, she repeatedly yells “Daryl, no!” at the top of her lungs.

Interestingly, though, she does predict Daryl’s outburst at Negan. As the episode begins, she repeatedly asks, “Who’d you kill? Please, not Daryl!” Then, as Negan begins his assault on Abraham, she continues to focus on Daryl (Though she does briefly lament Abraham’s passing, saying, “Bless you, Abraham!”). She begs Daryl not to retaliate, fearing what Negan might do in return. Over her son’s objections, she continues to yell “Daryl’s gonna do something!”

Then Negan begins taunting Rosita and Daryl does indeed jump up to punch Negan in the face. As you imagine, the unnamed YouTube mom is unhinged. “I told you it was more than one! Daryl, why did you do that?”

As Negan rambles on about shutting “that sh-t” down, the mom continues sobbing for poor Daryl. She’s determined that Negan is going to kill him. Then, it’s Glenn’s turn. She becomes even more upset, crying and screaming. But not for Glenn, for Daryl! Apparently, she interprets Negan’s willingness to keep on killing as a sign that Daryl’s number is up, too.

Finally, toward the end of the video, her son convinces her that they won’t kill Daryl. She’s still extremely anxious, but then becomes distracted when she realizes she’s been recorded the entire time.

We Are All “Crazy Mom”

In many ways, this YouTube “Crazy Mom” is all of the Walking Dead fandom. Though it’s extreme, her outbursts represent the thoughts and fears that all of us had that night. Getting through The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere was a roller coaster of emotions. In some ways, watching this reaction video is just as heartbreaking as it is hilarious – more so the latter, but you know what I mean.

The Walking Dead will never be the same with Negan on the scene and with Glenn and Abraham dead. And don’t forget, the Saviors still have Daryl in their custody. We may all be screaming “No, Daryl!” by season’s end.

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