Missy Robertson Begs For Prayers Over Devastating Tragedy… Please Help Her


Missy Robertson decided to respond to the devastating tragedy in Vegas with a bit of prayer. She urged her fans to pray for the world in a new blog post.

Missy Robertson Urges Fans To Pray

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“Pray For The World,” Missy Robertson told fans earlier last week in a blog post. The special post was written as a response to the tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas on October 1st. Missy joined other Robertson family members in responding to the tragedy online and urged her fans to turn to God for support and comfort.

Missy chose to make two points in her blog post. The first was that the moral code of the law is very different than her personal moral code. Missy questioned, “Our laws are put in place to reflect a moral code. But whose moral code are we reflecting? Man’s or God’s?  For a moral code to exist, there must be a moral code giver.”

However, Missy didn’t spend the entire post thinking about the evil in the world. Instead, she urged fans to turn towards God and notice the good in the world. She said, “If we acknowledge there is wickedness in this world, we must acknowledge there is good. God is Creator of good.”

Missy’s Prayer

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Missy and her family became famous on Duck Dynasty. Many fans applauded the family for praying on air and speaking out their faith above all else. Now Missy is urging her fans to join her in prayer. 

She also believes evil tragedies will continue to happen. Instead of postulating that with God’s help these things will stop occurring, she stated evil is bound to exist. Missy believes that tragedies will continue to happen, but God will win in the end. 

She ended her post with,”I pray that never happens to another person. Chances are it will.  But Good will prevail. We may not know how. We may not know when, but it will prevail.  Because God is good.”

Do you agree with Missy Robertson? Are you able to find good in the world when such terrible tragedies are occurring?