Sadie Robertson followed in her mother’s footsteps this week when she posted a polarizing video asking for prayers for the country. The star specifically said she would be praying for President Trump, and hopes her followers will too.

Sadie Robertson’s Prayer

Sadie Robertson has quite a social media following. Her Instagram page has over 2.9 million followers, and her Youtube account brings in over 150,000 subscribers. That’s quite a large reach that the Duck Dynasty star gets to utilize. This week Sadie urged her many fans and followers to join her in a polarizing prayer for our country.

Sadie started the video by saying, “I’m going to pray over our country right now. I’m going to pray over our nation. I’m going to pray for our President, and I ask please join me in this prayer. “

Sadie then specifically asked her fans to call out and encourage President Trump through his favorite social media platform- Twitter. Sadie said, “I know I don’t even like twitter, but I do think that this is obviously where Trump is. Let’s send him some love.”

Sadie then made her most polarizing statement, saying, “And Mr. Trump I want you to know that I am rooting you on, I believe the best in you.” She spoke as if she was speaking to a teenager who needed a confidence boost. “I think you have a lot on your hands, and I think you have a lot on your plate, and I know that must be very very hard.”

Korie’s Message

Sadie’s words were slightly contrasting to her own mother’s on CNN just last month. Korie Robertson spoke out against Donald Trump’s reaction to the Charlottesville tragedies. She said she couldn’t defend any of Trump’s actions. She had her own message for the President, saying, “Say you were wrong. … Why are you still fighting? What are you trying to prove at this point?… Let’s just come together, and be a leader that unifies, that brings people together.”

Do you tend to lean towards Korie or Sadie Robertson’s approach when it comes to speaking out about President Trump?

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