Negan Arrives With A Bang

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC When Negan arrived, fans of The Walking Dead were invited to see some of the most shocking and controversial scenes to ever hit AMC. With his baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, Negan set out to kill a fan favorite.

After a long delay, it turned out that he actually killed two fan favorites. Glenn was somewhat expected to die, based on the comics, but when Negan chose Abraham, fans thought that everyone else was safe for a little while longer.

Unfortunately, both Abraham and Glenn died at the hands of Lucille.

Michael Cudlitz Recalls Playing Abraham

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

For actor Michael Cudlitz, who played Abraham on The Walking Dead, life has been good despite leaving the iconic show. “It’s been good,” said Cudlitz, adding, “Had a great time on the show.”

“Life after the show has been fantastic. Thank you again for the opportunity. Really did have a great time on the show. The time on the show was fun. The enthusiasm for the show and what it is, it is life changing. It’s been fantastic.”

Cudlitz’s character Abraham seemed to calmly embrace death by Negan. The actor thinks back on what the character was likely thinking in that scene.

Cudlitz Speaks About Abraham’s Final Thoughts

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“He was praying that it would be him,” said the actor. “I think that at this point, in the end of Season 6, Abraham knows he’s figured out these guys. He knows that this kind of operation to work the way it is, for all of this men to be under his control the way it is, he sees the lay of the land. He sees when Negan is describing what he has to do now, that someone has to pay for this, he knows that he wants it to be him because he wants to protect everybody else. That’s just in his nature. Once he is chosen, I think he is at peace.”

Cudlitz also remarked on the twist, adding, “Everybody’s gonna think, Oh, that’s horrible but at least Glenn is safe! Then, Boom! Glenn is not okay…”

Did you suspect that both Glenn and Abraham were about to leave the show for good back in Season 7’s premiere?

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