Flashback to 2017: Melissa Rauch Posts Behind The Scenes Photos From Big Bang Theory Season Finale


Melissa Rauch was just as excited as we were for the Big Bang Theory season 10 finale episode. She posted a bunch of fun behind the scenes shots the day of, in anticipation for the biggest cliffhanger in Big Bang Theory history.

Behind The Scenes At Big Bang Theory

It seems the entire cast loves Riki Lindhome. The actress plays Ramona on Big Bang Theory and Melissa Rauch, Mayim Bialik, and Jim Parsons have all said they love working with her. She had first appeared in The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorm, and hasn’t been back since. Clearly the whole gang have missed her over the span of 8 seasons.

Melissa Rauch posted this photo, showing Riki, Jim Parsons, and herself cracking up during a take from The Big Bang Theory season 10 finale episode. Melissa said, “#TBT to me clearly having a real miserable time taping tonight’s season finale.” 

Jim Parsons clearly agrees with Melissa about Riki. He posted a photo with the caption, “Season 10 finale tonight! Big stuff happening, hope you check it out.. return of @rikilindhome as a special added treat! #bigbangtheory #cbs 8/7c”

Melissa also posted this fun photo collage of filming the season 10 finale, urging fans to watch since they totally wouldn’t believe what was about to happen (Hello, Sheldon proposal!) 

Behind The Scenes Video

Melissa also posted this super cool time-lapse video, showing how the stairway shots are filmed behind the scenes of Big Bang Theory. You can see that actors have to walk up the right saying one set of lines, and walk up the left saying another. The conversations are then edited together to make a cohesive scene.

Melissa is incredibly thankful for everyone who makes TBBT such a great show, and said, “Thank you to all the incredible people who put their heart and soul into TBBT and make it such a special place to work…and thank you to all of you for watching.”

Did you watch the Big Bang Theory season 10 finale episode?