Doscover What Mayim Bialik Has Been Investigating For Over 2 Years


Lots of actors do their research. However, Mayim Bialik’s latest investigative work isn’t necessarily about her acting. Mayim has been trying to figure out how best to use her large “Grok Nation” platform. It seems she’s finally found an answer.

Mayim Bialik’s Research

Mayim Bialik isn’t just an actress on Big Bang Theory. Despite playing Amy Farrah Fowler so well, she also has a PhD in nueroscience from UCLA. She has both academic and artistic talents, which makes her the ideal writer. She’s able to dissect any topic with detail oriented accuracy, while still keeping a light and entertaining tone.

Mayim honed in on her writing skills through blogging. She told Adweek, ” I was part of the early waves of blogging as a mom before I was on The Big Bang Theory. My closest friend Immanuel Shalev, who is now the CEO of all things GrokNation, had strongly encouraged me to create my own platform where I could talk about more things than I had been blogging about. That was really the impetus for starting my own website.” That website Mayim is talking about? Grok Nation, a place for people to “geek out” over many different topics.

The site went down for hiatus for a while, but now it is back and better than ever. Turns out old habits die hard, and Mayim couldn’t help but analyze and collect data in order to make this project better. She explained, “it’s been two years of research, followed by a lot of handwringing and trying to figure out how we can meet the needs of our audience, who seem to really want this kind of information.” Finally, Mayim has realized she captures an audience far beyond just old Blossom fans.

Just How Involved Is Mayim?

So just how involved is Mayim? Many fans assume that a busy celebrity like herself doesn’t bother with actually working hard on these sorts of things. So many celebrities slap their names on companies, and call it a day. However, Mayim explains that she’s involved heavily in the creation, and maintenance of the site. She even pledged to write at least once a week. When you factor in her Big Bang Theory schedule, that’s actually quite a serious time commitment.

What do you think of Mayim’s GrokNation? Is it up to Amy Farrah Fowler’s standards?