Korie Robertson Just Admitted She Didn’t Support Willie On Trump


Korie Robertson gave a very revealing interview earlier last week when speaking to CNN about President Trump’s comments on Charlottesville. The Duck Dynasty star revealed she wasn’t 100% supportive of Willie’s endorsement of Donald Trump… and that’s not all…

Korie Robertson On Trump

Korie Robertson spoke to CNN earlier last week about President Trump, the state of the country, and her political views. The most shocking part of the interview was when Korie stated she could not defend President Trump’s actions at all, going against the endorsement of her husband.

Willie Robertson famously endorsed Donald Trump during the 2016 election campaign. In the revealing interview Korie admitted she wasn’t supportive of that decision. “It was a stressful time,” Korie said of election season. “I think our whole country felt that. There’s probably a lot of husbands and wives arguing around the dinner table. And we certainly had plenty. Willie was outspoken about Trump from the beginning…and I was not.”

However, Korie did admit that she ultimately did vote for President Trump. She said she made the decision the day of the election, and voted mostly based on her Pro-Life beliefs. 

“I Can’t Defend Him”

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Korie seemed to be shaken by President Trump’s recent remarks on Charlottesville. The President received scrutiny for saying there was “blame on both sides.” Korie responded, “It was shocking and scary. The fact that it didn’t feel like he was really willing to call them out…I don’t know how you can say there are good people that are marching with torches and shouting Nazi slogans… spewing all amount of hate. If there’s a good person that showed up there they would leave whenever they saw what was happening.”

Ultimately Korie seems to disagree with President Trump’s actions. She finished, “That floored me, and I really don’t understand that. I can’t defend him in anyway on that.”

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