Yet More Incredible Facts You Might Not Know About

incredible factsCredit: While The Big Bang Theory has entertained us for years, there’s plenty the fans miss in between the lines. Everything from hidden physics jokes to background gags with superhero figures can be found layering every episode.

Even the characters and actors have lots of things we don’t know about. So to get you in the know here are more incredible facts about the show!

Jim Parsons Never Saw Star Trek

Even though TBBT hosted the voice talents of Leonard Nimoy, had George Takei stop by for a visit and has Sheldon wearing Star Trek shirts, the actor’s never seen the show!

Jim Parson plays his part perfectly. Though you’ve got to admit; it’s pretty odd how he never watched an episode. Thus, all the references, shirts, and referential acting is simply skill. Good job Jim!

There’s Only One Elevator Floor

You’ll know by watching Big Bang Theory the characters often start the episode by walking up a flight of stairs. Haunted forever by the broken elevator, it seems they’re doomed to a lot of vertical movement.

And yet, it’s only one setting. Through the power of TV magic and experienced set workers, the “elevator broken” set is the same one over and over again. Amazing what a few simple changes can do to make things look different!

An Actual Bee Shares Sheldon’s Catch Phrase Name

Every now and again Sheldon throws out his zinger: bazinga! It happens on the rare occasion he traps someone in a moment of intellectual wit. However, the name isn’t just confined to comebacks from a super scientist.

Several years ago a new species of bee was discovered in Brazil. According to the biologist Andre Nemesio, the bee earned “euglossa bazinga” because of its tricky appearance. The bee evaded discovered because it looked similar to another species.

The biologist found it an amusing similarity to how Sheldon tricks mental foes with his same word, bazinga!

Howard Has Only Female Figures

We know Leonard has a love for collecting various superhero figures, as does the entire cast. The pop culture figure references can be seen in just about every set.

Howard is the same, except for a significant difference: he only collects female toys. Not toys for girls, mind, female figures. This, of course, falls in line with Howard’s creepy demeanor when it comes to ladies, awkward advances and all.

Sheesh Howard, at least collect them from SH Figuarts!

So there you go, yet more incredible facts about everyone’s favorite nerd themed comedy. Did they surprise you?

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