This Has Got To Be The BEST Kept Big Bang Theory Behind The Scenes Story


TBBT fans love a good Big Bang Theory behind the scenes story, and this one just happens to be our favorite. We’ve never fully recovered from the infamous spanking scene. However, it turns out the writing team never meant for us to see it at all.

The Best Big Bang Theory Behind The Scenes Story

At the 2016 Paleyfest panel Jim Parsons revealed a seriously hilarious Big Bang Theory backstage story that we just can’t get out of our head. We all remember when Sheldon felt the need to spank Amy after she faked sick for his affections. It’s a scene no TBBT fan could ever get out of their head if they tried. However, it almost wasn’t even a scene at all.

Jim told the crowd that originally the script alluded to the action off camera, but never wrote the actual action on screen. There quite a few scenes like this. Take after take it started to become more evident that the spanking needed to happen on camera.

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Jim Parsons being the acclaimed actor he is likes to prepare for this sort of thing. He wasn’t pleased when it was brought on them spur of the moment. Jim said, “It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do because I found it tremendously amusing. I was pissed because I thought ‘well damnit I would have practiced how to control myself if I had known all week!'”

Mayim Bialik Was “Game”

Jim also revealed that Mayim Bialik can’t get enough of these type of scenes. He said, “You have no idea how game this one is for crap like that. I’m not kidding.” Kunal Nayyar added, “You [Mayim] were lying down on that couch like yeah! here is comes.”

The entire cast seemed to get a laugh out of the moment. Kaley Cuoco said she heard what was happening and had to run down from her dressing room to see for herself. Mayim even joked, “There was some redness,” to which Jim Parsons said, “it’s all in the name of art.”

You have to love this cast. They tell the best Big Bang Theory behind the scenes stories and they seem to have the best time working together.