This Duck Hunting Tactic Might Save Your Life, It Did For The Firefighters That Used It In Hurricane Harvey

By Eli Smith | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-09-11

An uplifting story has surfaced coming out of the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Two firefighters in Houston helped put out a fire caused by the storm. They used an old duck hunting trick to save the family and their house.

Ducking Hunters To The Rescue

Two firefighters from Arkansas were in the Houston area, helping with Hurricane Harvey recovery. The Arkansas natives knew a thing or two about duck hunting, and saw an opportunity to put their expertise to work.

A house fire had started in the midst of a flooded neighborhood. Jason Hunt and Beau Bishop are both firefighters from Arkansas, and were helping Houston firefighters rescue families and try to put out the blaze. The pair decided to use their boats motor to spray water all over the burning house. They’d learned this trick from duck hunting for many years. 

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Some critics were skeptical, so the pair videoed the entire ordeal to keep as evidence. Now the video is online, and is raking in viral views. The pair had seen smoke after rescuing families, and decided to follow it to find the fire. They were met by other rescue teams, and quickly became part of the solution. Bishop recalled, “You would think that we had kind of been with  that crew forever  because it just went  pretty seemless.”

Duck Hunting Tricks

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Jason Hunt came up with the idea to use the duck hunting skill to put out the fire. We wonder if the Houston firefighters thought the Arkansas men were nuts, but fortunately it all turned out well. Hunt said, “Just an old duck hunter trick. We’ll pin our boats to a tree  in the woods and we’ll  blow the ice out using out boat motors so I thought it would be worth a try.”

We’re sure glad they thought of this trick in the midst of chaos. The men hope that their video will inspire others to help with Hurricane Harvey relief.

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