Scott Gimple Talks Maggie’s Baby

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Showrunner Scott Gimple’s comments about Maggie have some fans worried about her fate this upcoming season. Recently, Gimple revealed, “Maggie’s baby will not be born in Season Eight. But anything’s possible…”

This is likely just another typical, vague answer from the showrunner, who does his best to keep plot points for the series a secret. However, some fans have interpreted this to mean: “Maggie isn’t having her baby because she’s going to die this season…”

The “anything’s possible” portion is what has fans so upset.

Fans Draw Dark Conclusions

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Comic Book writes, “There is the crowd which has a dark conclusion. Peter Palmasano takes Gimple’s words from the preview special into account and asks, “What if the baby never gets a chance to be born?” You know, like if its mother won’t survive the upcoming war.”

This is a dark trend on Twitter ever since Gimple made that foggy announcement. Fans are concerned that Maggie will die in Negan’s War with Rick Grimes. After Rick just told her that he will soon follow her, we certainly hope this isn’t her fate.

There’s also one other possibility from this comment.

The Second Possibility From These Comments

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Based on the Old Man Rick footage from the original Comic Con trailer, it’s possible (and likely) there’s going to be a major time jump somewhere in Season 8. It’s also possible that they filmed “Old Man Rick” and won’t use that footage until Season 8B.

After Rick’s War in the comic book, there’s a major time jump in the comic book. For Robert Kirkman, it made sense to skip over a few years of peace to get back into the action with another major war, this time with the Whisperers.

It doesn’t seem like there would be quite such a drastic jump on AMC, especially given the fact they like to take their time. In the time jump, Rick hurt his leg, hence the cane, and Maggie had her baby.

Do you think AMC will skip over Maggie’s pregnancy with a time jump?

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