Sadie Robertson’s Best Friend Published THIS Message Worth Sharing


Sadie Robertson’s best friend, Laney Redmon, just wrote an incredible guest blog post for the Live Original website. Laney talked about the problems many millennial Christians face: they don’t know who they are or what they’re doing.

Sadie Robertson’s Best Friend Is Full Of Wisdom

The pair of girls grew close this past year and started their own Instagram account together. “Its_SadieandLaney” has over 41,000 Instagram followers. The account showcases these two young women’s talents and silly personalities.

Laney wrote a passionate piece about young Christian identity, which she posted on Sadie’s Live Original website. She argued it’s not what you do, but whose you are.

“You are His,” Laney wrote, referring to Jesus. She makes the point that Christians should put their identity in God, not in their job title or social status. Many millennial Christians are having an identity crisis. In a less than ideal job market, these young people are questioning God’s plan for them. What does he want them to do with their lives? He just wants them to be his.

Laney wrote, “So, instead of asking God ‘what do you want me to do?’ I began asking Him to remind me of who I am.”

A Girl Of Many Talents

Laney recalled her multiple jobs in the blog post she wrote. The jobs included backup dancing, running the cash register at Chick-fil-A, styling, and singing.

Laney also designed the merchandise for Sadie’s Live Original tour. Sadie shared photos of the work with fans and bragged about her friend. Laney has also been performing with Mandisa on tour.

Finally, Laney wrote, “Before anything else you’ve ever been, you were His. You are not what you do, or what you’ve done. You are not the model, the dancer, the singer, the actor, the speaker, the brains, the athlete or the muscles that come along with that. Although it’s easy to find temporary confidence in these things because they’re all things the world has a tendency to hold highly and admire, these things will never truly satisfy our soul or fulfill our purpose.”

We just have to say that Sadie Robertson’s best friend is certainly full of wisdom.