The family responsible for the famous Duck Commander Duck calls, and the hit reality series Duck Dynasty knows a thing or two about hunting. The Robertsons lives seem to almost revolve around Duck season…and Jesus. Here are four important things they’ve said about hunting.

Phil Remembers his first Kill

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Although Phil Robertson is 70 years old time hasn’t erased the memory of his first duck kill. He says the imagery is still vividly ingrained in his mind. He told Grandview Outdoors that he was around 10 years old when he skipped school to go hunting with his brothers. The famous Duck Commander used a Browning 16-gauge shotgun to take down two ducks at once. From then on he was hooked. Robertson is a self-taught hunter. He observed family members hunt all his life, and took to it naturally. He instilled his same love of the sport in all four of his sons.

Willie says Duck Dynasty Shows the Positive Side of Hunting

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Duck Dynasty has caught some criticism for painting the picture that all hunters are redneck men with fully grown beards. However, Willie believes the opposite. He told Game and Fishing Magazine that the show portrays hunters as family men. It shows the Duck Commander brothers as successful business men living a positive lifestyle. Willie spoke to his non-hunter audience, “Those non-hunters see it as entertaining, and hopefully, we show people who hunt and outdoorsmen as positive people anyone can relate to. The program shows that we are successful at our business, and people respect that fact no matter where they live.”  

Willie like all kinds of Weapons

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Willie also expressed his love for all kinds of weapons. He included rifles and crossbows in his list of favorites. Some see a stigma attached to using a crossbow, but Willie doesn’t think there should be one. “(Crossbows) are just fun,” he explained. “They are safe and fun.” He says he uses them with his kids, and you can even use them in your backyard. Willie shoots a Buck Commander crossbow. He believes in his own products.

Jase Believes Duck Commander Duck Calls are the Best

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Jase loving Duck Commander duck calls may be no surprise, but the reason is different than what you think. In an interview with Jase stressed the importance of the men making the duck calls. At other companies, there are non-experienced workers making exact replica duck calls. At Duck Commander, every person assembling duck calls has a particular skill. They are all experienced hunters who know what makes a Duck Call great. Jase called duck making “using your imagination and creating art in sound form.”

They Don’t Want to Win World Championships

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Duck Commander employees, including Jase in his interview, have expressed they aren’t out to win Duck Call competitions. They find the true prize to be ducks in the kitchen.

Duck Commander judges its calls based on their ability to bring in ducks, not win awards.

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