Discover Sadie Robertson’s Sudden Eating Disorder Change Of Heart


Last year, Sadie Robertson revealed that she developed an eating disorder while filming her second reality series, Dancing With The Stars. Now, Sadie is setting the record straight. She maintains it wasn’t the show that caused her illness; it was her own fear.

Sadie Robertson’s Eating Disorder

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Last year, fans were shocked to hear that Sadie Robertson had developed an eating disorder while filming Dancing With The Stars. The seemingly perfect Duck Dynasty teen wrote an incredibly open and honest blog post about her self-esteem and body image issues.

The post was entitled I Woke Up Like This and featured a smiling Sadie, sans makeup. Sadie wrote, “I hear it said all of the time, ‘How do all of these young people go to Hollywood and just lose their minds?’ To be honest, I get it. I feel their pain.” The star explained that filming the show caused her to lose weight, but when the competition was over she struggled to maintain her new figure. The weight fluctuation, along with new public scrutiny was hard to handle. Sadie continued, “I struggled with an eating problem connected to a negative body image for about a year. It was dark. It was ugly.”

Mean Hollywood Types

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Sadie also had a few encounters in Hollywood that served as a catalyst for her unhealthy thought processes. She explained that at one particular photo shoot a director told her she didn’t have the face required for an “all natural” photo shoot. The young girl, a teen at the time, took the words to heart. It’s hard to believe that an adult would say this to an adolescent girl, but the harsh beauty standards in Hollywood show no mercy. Sadie wrote, “I personally think our culture has created a perspective that is so far off from what we were created for. We search a screen for someone’s heart, but all we find is comments, memes, sub-tweets, twitter-wars, articles and edited photos.”

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