Every Series Has Plot Holes…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC Every major show on television has issues with continuity and even some major plot holes. Despite the care and compassion that goes into each episode of The Walking Dead, the zombie apocalypse series is no different.

This season, some major errors include Carl shooting with the wrong eye (he held the gun with the patch down the barrel), there was a plane flying in the background at the junkyard, and Hilltop is also made of paper (not to mention poor CGI deer).

Some issues are more nitpicky than others.

The Walkers Have Changed…

For example, in Season 3, when the gang first arrived at the prison, some fans pointed out that grass had been recently mowed. Obviously, it should have been knee high because don’t mow grass.

Another issue is more argumentative. In the pilot, when Rick first shoots the reanimated little girl, she’s carrying a teddy bear that she drops. Perhaps the walkers have gotten less mobile or dexterous over the years.

Season 1 walkers were also better at breaking glass or climbing fences.

Wearing Zombie Blush…

Fear The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Some of the issues that arise from the first season, which is different now, could have to do with the aging walkers, but it could also just mean that the show hadn’t quite figured itself out yet.

Hiding from walkers that can climb fences changes things and it would have really ruined the entire season at the prison. Lots of shows start one way, but then quickly change once they think of longevity. The Walking Dead is no different.

The final major complaint, however, comes between the relationship to The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead. In Season 1 of TWD, when Rick and Glenn realize they can cloak themselves in zombie bodies and blood, this is a pivotal point.

On Fear The Walking Dead, however, they quickly change from characters having to be essentially drenched in zombie remains to Nick from FTWD merely having to rub a little blood on his cheeks.

This also brings up a finer point about the walkers: why haven’t they lost their sense of smell?

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