Phil Robertson Shocks Students With Bloody Dissection Of Duck


KFC was not always in existence, Phil Robertson says. They may not always be around, and that’s why you need to know how to de-feather and dissect a bird.

Phil Robertson showing students how to butcher a duck (via YouTube)

In a Duck Dynasty episode, Phil participates in “Career Day” at his grandkids’ school. And, boy, were those student in for a treat (if you could call it that).

“What if there are no McDonalds?” Phil asks the students. “You can survive and pretty good.”

He holds up a dead duck and says, “This is food.” And then he bites the duck neck, which causes a crunching sound.

The looks on the kids’ faces is priceless.

He then begins to rip apart the duck’s body.

“So there goes his wing,” Phil says as he rips it off. “The duck’s head has no been removed.” 

The kids grimaced and groaned.

“Oh, a little bloody,” Phil says.

photo via Western Journalism

He’s determined to teach these kids real skills that could actually help them survive.

“There’s a lot of things they can learn from an old guy like me that would be very helpful,” he says. “How do you catch something in the woods and eat it? They need to know that.”

After finishing his demonstration of how to prepare a dead duck for cooking, Phil was happy, to say the least, about what he had shown these school students.

“What can I say — it was awesome,” he remarked.

Judging by the kids’ facial expressions, they didn’t think it was “awesome.” They might have been thinking, “this is gross,” “so disgusting,” or “I’m about to vomit, somebody get me a bucket.” 

Leave it to Phil to tell it like it is and also look on the bright side of things.

Now all he needs to do is teach those kids the best ways to improve their duck hunting skills.