Phil Robertson Is Shamelessly Ranting Against The Government


Phil Robertson isn’t afraid to share his opinion. In a recent CRTV In The Woods With Phil episode Phil shares how he feels about National Parks, Government Assistance, and a total Government shut down.

Phil Robertson Doesn’t Like The Government

Let’s make one thing clear- Phil Robertson doesn’t think he needs the government. Phil describes himself as not anti-government, just pro-God. However, Phil has also made it pretty clear that he sees no point to nearly 90% of the Government’s programs.

First of all, he doesn’t see why National Parks should be fenced off. One complaint Americans have about the Government shut downs is that National Parks, like Old Faithful and the World War II Memorial, will be closed off indefinitely. Phil says, “What are you doing fencing off Old Faithful, and We the People, it belongs to us. And you the government are going to tell us we can’t go see the Old Faithful?… To fence it as the US Government has done and say you can’t see it…that’s fine, but I thought we were the ones who own it?”

Phil took even more offense to the World War II monument being fenced off. He said, “They’re not going to let them see that? …We’re sorry, all of your friends died in that war and you were shot and maimed and crippled, but you can’t go over there?” Phil seems to not understand that these monuments take upkeep, and that upkeep costs money.

Live A Quiet Life

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Phil had one more thing to say to his listeners. He wants to make sure they know the best way to live life is quietly. He said, “As a Godly man or woman, make it your ambition to live a quiet life. Mind your own business. Work with your hands, doing something that’s good so you can share with others, so that you won’t have to be dependent on anybody, including the United States Government.” Ultimately, Phil seems to want nothing to do with the Government and believes you shouldn’t either. So, do you enjoy listening to what Phil Robertson has to say on his new show?