Phil Robertson’s Outrageous Rant Against The USA Outsiders


Phil Robertson says he loves having visitors in his home. However, you better believe he’s vetting each and every person that comes through. He doesn’t understand why the United States border should be any different.

Phil Robertson On Border Control

Phil Robertson laid it all out there in a special guest piece for Breitbart last week. He started out by saying, “I love visitors. But I’ve got a sign on my property that says one thing loud and clear: No Thru Traffic.”

Phil maintains that he gets to decide each and every person who comes onto his property. He considers their motives, and level of danger. He explained, “Want to get past my gate? You’d better believe I’m vetting you. We need to know who you are, where you came from, and what you’re doing here. If you’re out to destroy our safety, our property, or our freedom, you need to turn tail and hotfoot it out of here before you see me and the business end of my AR.”

Phil believes that those he calls “left-wingers” are being hypocritical. He calls out Obama and Mark Zuckerberg specifically, for having large walls and security around their own properties. Why wouldn’t they want the same for America?

He Still Loves People

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Phil explains that he still loves people. Just because he’s vetting out those will ill intentions, doesn’t mean he doesn’t want as many visitors as possible. After all, Phil is known for baptizing hundreds of lost souls who have wandered his way. He said, “Look, I love people from all over the world. But that’s what it’s come to in America. There are people who don’t love God and don’t love me.”

The entire article was put together as an advertisement for In The Woods With Phil. Phil explains that these are the sorts of things he’s able to say on his new online show. He couldn’t speak his mind on cable TV, so he’s taken his beliefs elsewhere. Phil writes, ” the liberal advertisers don’t like guns, and they sure don’t like God. But on In the Woods with Phil on CRTV, I lay it all down.”

Do you agree with Phil Robertson? Do we need a large border wall?