You’ll Love Missy Robertson 10X More When You Learn How She Spends Her Free Time


Missy Robertson is a busy woman. She runs Laminin, a jewelry line that employs in-need women. She also speaks all over the country, is a mother of 3, and runs her own podcast The Overcomers. Here’s what she likes to do to unwind, and stay sane.

Missy Robertson, Mom of All Trades

Missy Robertson has quite the busy schedule. She’s constantly hopping from city to city, speaking to crowds about motherhood and other Christian parenting topics. Most recently she attended the Focus on the Family offices to talk about the Mia Moo fund.

She also runs her own jewelry line, Laminin. The company employs women in West Monroe Louisiana who are in need of a second chance. Some of these women were once sex workers. Some are homeless; others are former addicts. Missy has used her business to help give these women a sustainable life and trade. 

Now she’s also turned their stories into a successful podcast called The OvercomersThe Overcomers focuses on these women’s stories and aims to spread awareness and hope.

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With all that going on, it’s hard to imagine Missy has any time to herself. However, she did tell the Daily Journal that her favorite way to relax is to sit on her porch swing. 

She said, “I love sitting on my back porch and listening to Christian radio, the waterfall in my pool and Mia with her cousins on the trampoline. Their laughter is one of the best sounds in the world.” 

Missy loves the little pleasures of life. Being grateful, and keeping a positive mindset can help any woman to stay productive and happy.

Missy Loves Motherhood

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Missy also said that despite her many successful business ventures and products, being a mother will always be her biggest accomplishment. 

She said, “My children have been, are and most likely will be my biggest success. God entrusted three beautiful souls to me to raise and point toward him. I pray every day they keep on his path. I could not be more proud of each of them. They have surpassed every one of my dreams for them. They all work hard, are kind and inclusive of all people around them. Most importantly … they understand that without Jesus, we are nothing.”

It sounds like Missy Robertson knows what she’s doing. Do you ever take time to sit on your back porch and just unwind?