Korie Robertson Calls Mia “The Ghost” Of Her House…


Korie Robertson loves that her family lives so close. The Duck Dynasty cast members live right nearby one another, and that means they get to raise their kids as close friends. Korie even joked that Mia Robertson is the “ghost” of their house.

Close Family Relationships

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Close family relationships are so important. Friends may come and go, but family is together. One relationship in particular that stands the test of time is that of cousins. Your siblings may annoy you from time to time, but cousins are always there to share a laugh. The Robertson kids are lucky in particular because they have so many cousins to choose from. There’s bound to be someone around your age who gets you and wants to hang out at any time.

That is certainly the case for Missy and Korie Robertson’s kids. Korie wrote in The Duck Commander Family, “Jase lives right across the street from us, and he and his wife, Missy, have three kids: Reed, Cole, and Mia.” Living in such close proximity means the family has a pretty open door policy. Korie continued, “Jase and Missy like to joke that our oldest son, John Luke, is like Kramer from Seinfeld. On nights when we’re not cooking at our house, John Luke busts through their front door as soon as he sees the dining room light go on to join them for dinner. He seems to know exactly when Missy pulls the rolls out of the oven.”

Mia and Bella Robertson

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Korie also shared that Mia and Bella Robertson are as close as can be. She joked, “We say Mia is like the ghost of our house. She appears in our house at all times. You’ll turn around in your recliner, and she’ll be standing there. As soon as we pull in the driveway, she’s in our house, waiting to play with Bella.” As the kids get older these relationships will be so much more important. Now that Sadie and Rebecca have moved out of the house, it’s so nice that Bella still has Mia to see every day. They’re almost like sisters, living so close by.

Do you live like Korie Robertson? So close to your extended family, you consider them immediate?