Jessica Robertson Tells All About Marrying Her Pastor As A Teenager


Duck Dynasty gained popularity and acclaim for its family friendly content and wholesome storylines. However, the Robertson family still has quite a few skeletons in their closet. Many fans were shocked to find out that Jessica Robertson had actually been married to someone else before Jep.

Jessica Robertson’s Previous Marriage

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Jep and Jessica Robertson portray a seemingly perfect marriage. The couple has built a lasting reputation of love and grace, depicting a happy and wholesome home on television and social media.

However, it hasn’t always been rainbows and butterflies for Jep and Jessica. In their book, The Good The Bad and the Grace Of God, both Jep and Jessica reveal huge secrets from their past. Aside from Jep’s history of drug use, and their humble beginnings, many found Jessica’s previous marriage to be the most shocking of revelations.

Jessica married a youth pastor from her church while still in her teens. She explained, “I was really naive at the time and I was a people pleaser… If I could have just made a few other decisions when I was younger, I wouldn’t have made so many mistakes.”

Her youth minister pursued her while she was still in high school. It wasn’t until Jessica came of age that the two came out with their relationship. However, Jessica explained that her heart wasn’t truly in the relationship. She wrote, “I also started to feel that I should be in love with him even though I wasn’t in love with him. Everyone said I was the luckiest girl in the world to have snagged him.”

Telling Her Kids

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When Jessica Robertson decided to write about this private part of her history, that meant that she’d have to share the facts with her kids. Before the book’s publication, the Robertson children had no idea that their mom had an ex. Jessica said, “The kids actually did not know that I was married before — and it’s something that we were going to share later on when they were a little more mature. But I really felt like this was an opportunity to share with the world some of the struggles that I went through with that, and coming out through the grace of God. You know, coming out the other side, and meeting Jep, and turning my life around.”

Can you believe Jessica Robertson’s story? Do you think she handled the situation well?

  • Linda Elton

    Amen we all make mistakes, we sometimes feel you need to find a man that your parents would approve of, you try to find a Christian man, who have the same values as you do and as you were taught, you want him to come from a Christian family, you think you have found the right person to marry and your parents would approve of, I did this but in the end, he was not the right man, he did not turn out to be the person I thought he should be, he did not live the life I thought he should, he did not drink, he did smoke, he stopped going to church, he was verbally abusive, I was surprised to find out, my parents did not approve of him, because he was not the person they thought I should have married, they did not approve of the way he talked and treated me, they ask me why did I put up with it, I had to tell them I had no other choice, I had married him for better for worse, they did not approve of divorice, my daddy was a pastor, but in this case they felt that I did not need to be in this marriage, we had to depend on them for many things throughout or marriage, we were married 24 years, when he decide to end the marriage, after he had used my family and me, he turned on all of us, when he said he wanted out of the marriage, I did not argue, I packed my things and left, he divorced me. I felt free of the past and moved on with my life, so remember you never really know the person you think that was the person to marry, because it could be much worse, I learn a lot for that marriage, I took a lot, but I stayed in the marriage for all the wrong reasons, sometimes we have no choices in what decisions we make in life, you live your life, you make mistakes, learn from them and move on. so we all make mistakes in the people we choice to marry, marry for love, I loved him, but not like I should have, what love I had for him he destroyed many years ago, so learn from your mistake, you are much better off,

  • LazarusMan

    Youth is all about making mistakes and thinking you know everything and hardly ever taking sound advice. We all have done that. Being mature is realizing what is wise and what truly is not and correcting them if at all possible. Sounds like that’s what she did and found happiness with the right man and never looked back, good for her. While it’s true that God frowns on divorce he does allow for it. Seems she has done the right thing and her and Jep have a large, happy family and are still following God and living dedicated lives to each other and the Church of Christ. The proof is usually in the puddin’.

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