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Jase and Missy Robertson Explain Their Miracle Baby

By Theresa White | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-25

Jase and Missy Robertson are part of the Duck Dynasty family. At first, you figure if you have that kind of money and success, life’s trials won’t hit you.

Nothing could be further from the truth. At least, not in the Robertson family.

Jase, Missy Robertson
Mia Robertson Photo credit A&E, Robertson family photos

They were high school sweethearts that married right out of school. Life was pretty smooth. Their first son was born, Reed, and then another Cole. It was their third try for a baby.


After of year trying, the couple discovered they were expecting. However, bad news soon followed the good. The baby she was carrying did not moved all the way down her tube, and into her uterus.

When a baby embeds in a tube, the only course of action is to remove the baby from the tube. The baby has no chance to survive. In fact, if the baby is not removed, her tube could burst and kill both the mother and baby.

Not long after, she became pregnant again.

However, they only gave her baby a one percent chance to live.

Missy did not receive the proper treatment after her miscarriage. She is A- Negative and had to have RhoGAM shot before conceiving another baby. She did not.

When she became pregnant, the medical profession offered precious little hope. Her goal was to get the baby to 26 weeks gestation before they had to take the baby.

Jase didn’t pray for everything to be alright. Instead, he prayed prayers of trust. Whatever happened he was going to trust God.

“It was a scary place to be,” he told 700 Club Interactive.

The baby, to everyone’s surprise, was developing right on schedule. The only answer that the doctors could give was that their new baby also had negative blood.

Needless to say, the family rejoiced and thanked God for what seemed to be a miracle. But the celebration was short-lived.

An ultrasound revealed that their unborn baby had a serious health issue. She had a clef lip, and possibly a cleft pallet.

The day she was born, Jase described as “chilling.”

His first thought when he saw her, was that her condition was severe. But then, he realized just how bad it was as his newborn began struggling to breathe.

Panic ensued, and Jase was sent out of the room by the doctors.

“Please, let her live,” was now his cry out to God. “Give her to us, and we will do our best.”

God answered their prayers, and she was sent home from the hospital a week later. But Mia’s struggles were far from over. Without a palate, feeding was a struggle. The couple said during that time; they didn’t get more than an hour’s sleep at a time. Because of her condition, she was prone to choking.

Mia is now eleven years old. She is bright, determined and the couple has started a foundation to help other families. Mia Moo Fund.


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