Reed Robertson

Countdown to Reed Robertson and Brighton Thompson’s Wedding

By Theresa White | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-30

It was just last March when Reed Robertson and his bride-to-be Brighton Thompson shot their engagement photos. Now, they are just a few weeks out from their wedding.

Reed Robertson
Photo Credit Brighton Thompson’s Instagram

“I can remember looking over at Reed and thinking ‘Wow! I cannot believe we are actually on our way to take engagement pictures!’ It honestly was kind of mind-blowing but such a wonderful feeling.,” she shared with The Knot. “It’s one of those moments that you picture happening your whole life and when it’s really happening you’re just kind of in awe.”

The couple have been dating for just under five years, Brighton told The Knot.

“I am a HUGE planner so as soon as we got engaged I was planning full force.”

Brighton told The Knot. Their engagement was announced on December 22, 2015 an Instagram photo of Reed down on one knee in Central Park.


“I can tell you we are having a fall wedding and we have a bridal party of 11 bridesmaids and groomsmen each!” Explaining that the couple both have very big families the bride-to-be added, “the whole bridal party with all the junior bridesmaids, ring bearers, flower girls, etc. will be even bigger than that! But the more the merrier honestly!”

We now know that Sadie Robertson is Brighton’s maid of honor.

The exact date was a secret for some time. Then Jase Robertson, Reed’s father announced it during last season’s finale of Duck Dynasty.

When Martin asked Jase when the wedding is, on a Duck Commander episode, Jase moaned about the answer and didn’t want to reveal the date.

Apparently, not because he wasn’t happy about the marriage. But rather, he was very unhappy about the date.

“It’s the first Saturday in November.” said the groom’s father begrudgingly.

The words were barely out when Uncle Si screamed,

Sympathetically Jase said, “You can’t plan a wedding the day LSU plays Alabama!”

All die hard Duck Dynasty fans understand just how much of LSU football fans that the Robertson’s are. Add into the mix the fact that Alabama is a major rival, this makes it the game of the season. At least one no Robertson wants to miss.

According to the Duck Commander guys there is really only two months out of the year that is acceptable for a wedding. That would be April and May.

Apparently, the Commander gals didn’t check the football schedule before setting a date– and Reed must have had more important things on his mind.

That brings us to some pretty exciting Duck Dynasty days, a new season, and a new life for Reed and his beautiful bride-to-be Brighton.

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