Doug The Pug Made A Big Bang Theory Parody And You NEED To See It


Doug The Pug Makes A Big Bang Theory Parody

Remember when we reported that Doug the Pug had visited The Big Bang Theory set? Turns out everyone’s favorite furry Instagram celebrity was filming an impressive Big Bang Theory Parody on his visit. We can’t lie- he definitely hit this one out of the park.

Doug’s Visit To The Big Bang Theory Set

We seriously can’t get enough. Doug the Pug can be seen sitting in Sheldon’s spot, wearing a Sheldon-style graphic T-shirt. He also dresses up as Leonard and Penny in front of the broken elevator and dawns a mock-turtleneck Howard-style. All the while he looks adorable, yet disinterested. It’s not a surprise that The Big Bang Theory actors went nuts over Doug. Kaley

Kaley Cuoco, in particular, is an avid animal lover and apparently couldn’t stop smiling the whole day.

Leslie Mosier, Doug’s doggie mama, told People Magazine, ““Kaley Cuoco was so excited she wouldn’t let him go, she was squealing and freaking out.” She also shared that Jim Parsons was taking selfies with the famous Pug. 

Fans Love Doug

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Doug grew his fame on Instagram. Leslie has begun posting only photos of him on her personal account when friends urged her to make him his own.

One video of him running in a field with a Pug-shaped balloon ended up going viral, and the rest is history.

Leslie says The Big Bang Theory parody has been a huge success. She explained, ““People are loving it…Fans from the show are freaking out.”

Other Parodies

This isn’t the first parody Doug the Pug has starred in. Previously he recreated the iconic Friends theme song sequence. We asked him where he gets the ideas for his creative process, but he declined to comment. 

Did you love the new TBBT Parody by Doug the Pug?

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