Kaley Cuoco didn’t pop onto the Hollywood scene with Big Bang Theory. She started out as a child star and even played a young Ellen Degeneres. A rare clip (suddenly unavailable on YouTube) revealed just how adorable the actress was in childhood.

Kaley Cuoco landed her first acting gig in 1992, as Connie Reinhardt in Quicksand: No Escape. The actress was only seven-years-old at the time. She then went on to star in Virtuosity as a young Karin Carter, and My So Called Life as a young Angela Chase.

It seemed Kaley was known for being able to portray young actresses in flash back scenes. In 1996 she appeared on Ellen as Ellen Morgan, Ellen Degeneres’s character at the time. In the clip as mentioned above Ellen can be seen reminiscing on her time at camp. Kaley is then talking with other campers and making jokes about sticking bubble gum in someone’s hair.

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We can’t get over how adorable Kaley is in this clip. She looks so young, and yet remarkably similar to her 30-year-old self. At the time she was only 11 years old. Perhaps being on the Ellen set at such a young age prepared her to be a comedic actress in adulthood.

Kaley also appeared on The Ellen Show in 2002 as a girl named Vanessa. She was also seen in 7th Heaven, and the Disney Channel movie Alley Cats Strike.

Kaley On Ellen

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Kaley Cuoco has been a guest on Ellen’s show since entering stardom as an adult. Back in 2011, Ellen wrote, “did you know that she has also played one of the most dynamic women in the history of television? Me! Kaley played a younger version of my character, Ellen Morgan, on my show, “Ellen.” It’s very hard to play me. I should know. I do it every day.”

We love how small of a world it is, and that Kaley and Ellen get to see each other once again in the present day.

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