The Duck Dynasty Family Goes on Road Trip with No Technology

Last week on the Duck Dynasty Season Finale, Techs and Balances, the family goes on a No-Tech week. Willie determines that the family spends entirely too much time on their cell phones and PDAs. We watched as Willie glares at his family, amazed by how hypnotized they are by their electronics. He even goes so far as to make the GPS off limits during their travels and the family has to rely on a road map.

All this is going on while back at the Duck Commanders headquarters, the family is dealing with a lice outbreak. Meanwhile, Willie and the children end up lost in Louisiana.

This may not seem like such a big deal, because this type of action taking by Willie is exactly why Duck Dynasty should be kept on air.

Sure, we all have family members who are glued to their phones, iPads and other devices, but does the make it right? Willie and the Robertson family always seem to do a great job at reminding us of things we already know.

Like making sure our children and families are actually interacting with each other like real people. In this day and age, it is all too easy to get lost in social media like Facebook and Twitter. Children and teens are actually developing addictions that are requiring professional help and counseling. The fact that kids are getting addicted to Facebook, tells me something needs to be done.

Willie and the rest of the Robertson family are spot on if you ask me. And they are often times, much more so than families like the Kardashians who are gossip and drama.

Without shows like Duck Dynasty and moral lessons from families like the Robertsons, this country is going to take a continual decline on many levels.

Think about it, how much have road trips changed since you were young? When I used to go on road trips with my family we would play games, talk and listen to music. Now, everyone is plugged into their devices and barely talks at all. The lack of human interaction has created a type of social disconnect and people like Willie are on to it.

Come to think of it, Phil and Willie always seem to be leading the way for good methods of living, supported by healthy American values. I say we need to do what it takes to see to it that Duck Dynasty is kept on air. The more of us that show our love, enthusiasm and support for Willie and the family, the better off for everyone. Because the more shows we lose the like Duck Dynasty, the more shows we get that are useless, drama and gossip and bad for our country as a whole.

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