THIS Is The Single Biggest Highlight From The Last Big Bang Episode…


This Week’s Big Bang Theory

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This week’s new The Big Bang Theory episode involved Raj figuring out how to balance his own finances. That included handing control to Sheldon, and then needing to raise funds for Comic-con. Penny has also decided to go to comic-con. Hilariousness ensues. Here are some highlights.

Penny’s Prediction

Penny walks in on the men huddled around a giant scattered mountain of papers. She comes to a pretty hilarious conclusion about what they might be doing.

Penny: Oh, let me guess. You guys are drafting your fantasy accounting firms.

Raj’s Ridiculous Expenses

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We couldn’t help but get second-hand embarrassment for Raj when the men began to read his list of expenses out loud.

Sheldon: What emergency happened at the L.A. Zoo?

Raj: That’s a penguin I sponsor. They’re losing their homes to global warming, and my car gets, like, seven miles a gallon, so I felt bad.

Leonard: What is Pink Cheeks?

Raj: It’s intimate waxing. Quit looking at that!

Sheldon Doesn’t See The Irony

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Poor Sheldon walked right into this one…

Leonard: Maybe you should find someone to help you get your finances under control. Like a business manager?

Sheldon: No, absolutely not. You can’t afford to hire someone who’ll forbid you from spending your money on foolish expenses. That is a foolish expense, and I forbid it.

Amy Makes A Good Point

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Penny has decided to go to comic-con with Leonard. Amy declines her invitation, for a very good reason.

Amy: You’re actually going to Comic-Con?

Penny: Well, Leonard wants me to do more stuff like that with him, so I thought maybe this year I’d tag along.

Amy: Well, that’s sweet. I bet you’ll have fun.

Penny: So, do you want to come?

Amy: No, thanks. I already live in a place all the nerds come to.

Howard’s Brilliant Plan

Howard has a brilliant business idea for Raj…

Sheldon: Your father may have spoiled you, but I won’t. If you want a ticket to Comic-Con, I suggest you figure out a way to earn the money yourself.

Howard: Yeah, you’re a grown man who’s highly educated. You could charge people money to punch you.

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