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The Big Bang Theory has featured many twists, turns, and surprises throughout the seasons.  One aspect that particularly surprised fans was Bernadette’s pregnancy.  It appeared to be an odd situation thrown into a show that focused on the nerdy and easy-going everyday lifestyle of scientists. The characters settling down with kids almost signals the end to the series.  Whoa, that is not what we want. Fans have dedicated themselves to coming up with their own conclusion.  The answer? It must be that Melissa Rauch is pregnant outside of the show.

Let’s Keep the Show Rolling!

Fans always seem do be suckered in, to wanting to see the casts’ real lives reflected in the show.  For instance, everyone gets excited when a couple on a show start dating off the set.  The same rule applies for pregnancy.  Fans like to believe that there is some truth to what the show portrays.  And in some instances, this is true.

In the past, many television shows incorporate a pregnancy due to one of their actresses being pregnant off-set.  This allows the show to continue with the same characters as well as a new plot twist.  After all, there is nothing worse than having to lose one of our favorite characters from a show, right?  Can you imagine if Bernadette were absent for a whole season?  Neither can I.

Separate Truth of Pregnancy from Fantasy

Melissa Rauch at sag awards 2016 by www.justjared.comMelissa Rauch at sag awards 2016 by

In The Big Bang Theory, Bernadette first reveals her secret during The Valentino Submergence (S9 EP15).  We observe her telling the bunny that she will reveal her pregnancy to Howard some other time. It is not until the next episode that Howard is informed he will be a father.

Rauch herself has been questioned repeatedly about the circulating gossip.  On US Weekly, she stated that she told her parents they would be television grandparents.  Thus, she debunks this rumor with finesse and style.  The short answer is: no, Melissa Rauch is not pregnant in real-life. Sorry Big Bang fantasizers, this is one of those crazy rumors that is not true (yet).

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