Is The Big Bang Theory Educational?


Is The Big Bang Theory one more thing that wastes kids’ time? 

TV series usually have a family audience. They try to target as many people as possible to tune in every week for their favorite show. While it’s obvious, that young adults are the primary target audience, whole families watch The Big Bang Theory. Some consider this a waste of time for their children. When they could be doing homework or reading books, can this show fill an educational gap?

Liz Heman
Smart is the new sexy

Fun and educational

The little smart things characters say in the show all the time are cool to learn. No one will probably memorize all the equations they have on the boards, but this is not a huge loss. What’s more important is – do you trust all the science things the characters say? And the answer is – absolutely! As it turns out, the creators of the show are very meticulous when it comes to all the science-related stuff on the show. And it comes down even to what’s written on the board. Believe it or not – all the equations are real math! Moreover, every scientific bit of information the characters say is true as well. 

How do we know? Apparently, there’s an astroparticle physicist consultant from UCLA at the show! Yep, David Saltzberg, an acting professor at the UCLA, comes down for the filming every week to make sure everything on the show is scientifically-backed. Sometimes he even writes jokes for the characters!

There is one particular joke written by him – in episode 9.  On the season premiere, Sheldon gets in a feud with another scientist. When Penny asks if they’re having a misunderstanding, Sheldon replies ““A little misunderstanding? Galileo and the Pope had a little misunderstanding!”. Okay, this might not be the greatest joke on the show. Maybe the professor should stick to checking the physics, and leave the jokes to the writers.

The Big Bang Theory Scholarship

We know, it doesn’t sound real or legit. However, the Big Bang Theory, creators Chuck Lorre, Warner Bros., the crew of the show and the cast chipped in to start a real university scholarship. And guess which university they’ve picked? Yes, the UCLA. The show raised some 4 million dollars for undergraduates who want to study science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) at UCLA.

Over 50 members of The Big Bang Theory have donated money, and now (well, in 2015-2016 school year) 20 students have benefited from this scholarship. The scholarship is designated for low-income students and will have 5 additional individual student scholarships each year in perpetuity. Now, this is really a contribution to the education.

Say what you will about the TV dumbing down our youth – this show is working for the benefit of our education, the kids, and the country’s future. And on top of this, of course, it is hilarious!