What’s Up In Big Bang World This Week?

By Eli Smith | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-07-18

The Big Bang Theory stars are enjoying hiatus from their show, as fans eagerly await for Season 11 to premiere in September. Here’s what the cast has been up to lately.

Melissa Rauch Is Pregnant!

Melissa Rauch takes first place in eventfulness this week, announcing her pregnancy through an essay she wrote for Glamour magazine. The actress admitted to being excited, yet confused about her pregnancy, after suffering a miscarriage previously. The actress was incredibly brave and candid as she explained her mixed emotions, and hoped to help other women in the same situation.

Mayim Bialik wished Melissa well in her pregnancy with an Instagram post that read, “Wishing my friend and castmate…only joy and blessings as she enters this stage of life.” Mayim is still on vocal rest for vocal damage, but that hasn’t stopped her from creating online videos, emailing in interviews to Fox, and teaming up with SodaStream to talk about global warming and conservation.

This week Jim Parsons could be found hanging out with some of Hollywoods’ finest. The actor wrote, “That’s me in the middle: the ham between two slices of incredible talent.” The picture shows Jim between Claire Danes and Daniel Pearle on what appears to be a set green room.

Kunal Nayyar Returns Home

What a summer…On the way home now:) Finally had some time to see the world. So incredibly fortunate to spend time in Scotland, England, Spain, Italy. And everywhere I went I was showered with love. I can't tell you how much kindness there is in the world. Everyone is saying "the world is falling apart" "the world is scary" but every place I went I saw and felt the contrary. For every smile, every kind word, every friendly stranger on the street- thank you. I thought I had an idea about this world, but the truth is, I know nothing. I don't anything about one thing. And in my idea of how people are or my idea of how they "should" be- I've lost so much touch with reality. People are wonderful, beautiful, giving and loving, and if we all take a break from our pre conceived notions, a break from our social media, and look up at the world- it's not scary- not scary at all. I'm going to spend all of my time spreading love and kindness, because that cannot be denied to anyone. It is inherent within us- if we get out of the way. I love you more than you know… I wish there was more of me to give- because then I would be boundless…

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Kunal Nayyar returned to America this week, after summering in Europe for a bit. The star said he finally “had time to see the world.” Kunal had an uplifting message for fans saying, “Everyone is saying ‘the world is falling apart’ ‘the world is scary’ but every place I went I saw and felt the contrary. For every smile, every kind word every friendly stranger on the street- thank you.”

Horse showing be like 💤 😅 @mrtankcook

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Kaley Cuoco has also been keeping busy during hiatus, showing her horses at multiple competitions with boyfriend Karl Cook. She snapped this funny Instagram to show her followers just how exhausting Equestrian work can be.

Which Big Bang Theory star do you most relate to this summer?

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