5 Reasons You Love Howard Wolowitz


Howard Wolowitz Is Your Favorite


Let’s be honest- Howard Wolowitz rocks. Many TBBT fans note their favorite character as Sheldon, or perhaps Penny, but an elite few really take a liking to the peacock of the group, Howard Wolowitz. He’s the son of an overbearing lady, an engineer, and a ladies man. Here are five reasons we know you love Howard.

He Was An Astronaut

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Not only is this our favorite thing about Howard, it’s also Howard’s favorite thing about Howard. Howard’s time at NASA was a defining moment for his character. He really has never been more proud. He got to experience human centrifuge training and gained a whole lot of confidence in the process. Plus, a man in uniform is hot.

He’s A Great Husband

Bernadette and Howard have a great relationship. They laugh together, understand each other, and make decisions together. Ever since Season 3 we’ve loved watching their love grow and watching Howard go from forward playboy into a loving husband. 

He’s A Great Dad


Halley might just be the luckiest little girl in the world. Not only does she have spunky Bernadette to look up to, she has Howard to care for her. Though his methods may be unconventional, he is willing to do everything in his power to make sure that little girl is safe and happy. Hello, how many dads will make a full on obstacle course just to ensure their daughter stays asleep?

He’s A Best Friend


Raj and Howard’s relationship is the perfect illustration of a full-blown bromance. These dudes stick together through thick and thin. We also have to note that Howard made a perfect transition into family life without leaving his friends behind. Many guys will become a dad and slowly start to drop their friends, but Raj and Howard could not be closer.

Howard is a great guy all around, and he really adds something unique to TBBT. What is your favorite thing about Howard Wolowitz?

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