This Evidence ALONE Is Enough To Discredit Mueller’s Entire Investigation

Peter Strzok
Peter Strzok has direct ties to Hillary Clinton email scandal. | Photo credit Fox News

President Trump was right on Sunday when he tweeted, “now it all starts to make sense.” New details are emerging about the FBI agent recently fired by Robert Mueller. Mueller terminated Peter Strzok after learning he exchanged anti-Trump, pro-Hillary texts with a colleague.

As it turns out, Strzok has deep connections to several controversies currently plaguing the Trump administration. He not only has ties to the salacious Trump dossier, he is ultimately responsible for the entire Russia probe. Strzok signed the documents officially opening the investigation, just weeks after the Hillary Clinton email probe ended.

Flynn and Strzok

While working as a deputy to the associate director of counter-intelligence for the bureau, Strzok interviewed Michael Flynn. That interview ultimately led Democrats to push for a special counsel to be appointed to investigate their Russia theories.

Flynn’s meeting with Strzok also resulted in the formal national security adviser pleading guilty to lying to the FBI. Worse still, while his interview with Flynn was ongoing, he was busy shopping around the Trump dossier from Fusion GPS. The dossier is also tied to Hillary, by the way.

While this information alone is certainly enough to discredit Mueller’s entire investigation, there is more. Additional reports indicate that Strzok is the reason Clinton is not in prison for her mishandling of classified emails.

Clinton Cover-Up

Peter Strzok changed language in the Hillary Clinton email probe that prevented criminal prosecution. Photo credit YouTube

More specifically, he drafted the statement on the matter for former FBI director, James Comey. A May 2016 draft called Clinton’s actions “grossly negligent” which, according to analysts, could’ve led to criminal prosecution. However, Strzok revised the language opting instead to use the words, “extremely careless.”

In addition to changing Comey’s statement, Strzok also interviewed top Clinton aides, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills. And guess what? Both women, like Michael Flynn, lied in their interviews. They each conveyed misleading information regarding Clinton’s use of a private email server.

Yet, contrary to what is happening to Flynn, the FBI didn’t charge Mills or Abedin. The Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General opened an inquiry into Strzok’s role in the Clinton email scandal on Friday. Because of his involvement in several ongoing issues, officials do not expect to conclude the probe until early 2018.

  • Charles-Wilma Harman

    Drain the swamp! Even if it starts with the FBI, drain it where it is. The Justice Dept. Needs to be cleaned up.

  • Tess S. Ray

    I call for the Seargent of Arms to arrest Obama, Hillary Clinton, James Comey and Mueller for Sedition.

    • Helen Strickland

      Don’t forget, Abadien or what ever her damn name is and Loretto Lynch, and many more. If the special cancel charged Flynn he has to charge her as well. Not to mention Hillary didn’t win half her votes legally, 3 states was found to be hacked by the DNC, and how many people were illegals or dead. GITMO is waiting for all the Tratiors and we the people demand they all be held accountable. And Oh, Not excepting, What difference does it make as Killary’s famous saying goes in court. Cause it makes a hell of lot of difference to the people. This country is 3 trillion more in debt because of all the careless spending and pay to play deals they have made. Not to mention all that has been put on special consul for a which hunt that the Demacrates started to keep the heat off them. Obummer didn’t give a damn how much debt they put us in cause of all the BS they have wasted, keep draining the swamp Mr President. And we want every last one prosacuted to the core. No Excuses. GOD is Good Amen..

  • Such bullshit! This is nothing but a Trump smoke screen!!! Trump is guilty, guilty, guilty!!! 4 of his henchmen are already indicted. We know Hillary only lost by 77,000 votes yet 21 states were affected by the Russian collusions including 6 states which had 80,000 votes each state padding the election. It’s clear as day that Trump colluded with the Russians and got himself elected. Robert Mueller will definitely find the missing information and then we can all be 100% certain that the FAKE president Trump rigged the FAKE election to win!!!

    • Pat Reiland

      Bwahahahaha! You are a hoot, life of the party! I haven’t read anything this unhinged and funny in months. Thanks for the laughs.

    • Michael Weary

      Mueller has had over a year with a full team of investigators who have spent over 7 Million Dollars so far, and have found nothing! No Collusion.
      Please educate me, hypothetically if there was collusion, what exactly did the Russians do that caused so many people to change their votes?
      Riddle me this also, Why would the Russians back Trump when they already bought, and paid for Hillary with payments to the Clinton Foundation in return for pushing the Uranium One deal. Hillary is Russia’s best friend, they would work with her, not against her.
      Stop drinking the Clinton Kool-Aid, and do some independent thinking.

    • Lois Reilly

      You are an idiot

  • Tubby Jones

    Tim Evans………Tim, Tim, Tim……….I know you’re joking, right? NOBODY can be that stupid and not be in a mental institution. You have a lot of people fooled. They thought you were serious. Go ahead and let the cat out of the bag! TRUMP 2020!! C’mon, join me in telling Mr. President Trump that he is MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!! Seven more years of Trump, then EIGHT years of Pence………things are really looking good!!!!

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