BREAKING: 80,000 People Sign New Petition That DEMANDS Melania Trump Immediately Move To…


The White House

The White House | Photo Credit Huffington Post

Some New York city residents have started a petition to force First Lady, Melania Trump, to move to the White House or else. The petition claims that taxpayers are being unfairly forced to pay for security to protect Melania and her 11-year old son Barron at Trump Tower. They want her to live in the White House or pay for the security herself.

By late Monday night, the petition on had amassed 80,000 of the 150,000 signature goal. Once it has all the signatures, it will be delivered to Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

President Trump and his wife, made the decision that she would stay in New York until Barron finishes the school year. They wanted to disrupt his life as little as possible given his young age. However, it hasn’t worked out that way, as Barron has repeatedly been the victim of vicious verbal attacks by leftist bullies.

What the liberal “do-gooders” seem to have forgotten, is the millions, and millions, of dollars it cost to protect Obama and his family. In fact, it cost taxpayers $85 million over eight years-just to pay for his personal family vacations. It was $3.5 million for their annual…

Hawaiian Vacation

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Judicial Watch President, Tom Hitton, has called the elaborate spending by the Obama administration an “abuse of the system.” However, the cost of protecting the president has always been a source of controversy on both sides of the political aisle.

While it is inevitably costing a bit more for Melania to stay in New York with Barron, the cost is only temporary. The White House has previously announced that she would be moving to D.C. in a couple of months. Mayor Bill de Blasio has also been partially reimbursed for the costs.

Certainly, Sanders and Warren will be happy to receive the petition and they will definitely use it to once again try and smear President Trump. Although, it would be more prudent for them to direct their attention to the growing problem of illegal immigration in New York. Then, maybe these “concerned citizens” can start a petition to protect toddlers from being sexually assaulted.





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  • rb2424

    Melenia wants to be a good mother and leave her son in the school he has been attending. She is trying to do the best for her son. Now the jealous libs are criticizing her for being a good mother. Let them use their influence—I think they have some left—and work to help fatherless families as they strive to raise their children.

  • lorac odraned

    How does anyone know who is paying for their security? Donald Trump certainly can afford it. So what if the government is paying because Donald Trump is saving us money by not taking a salary as potus. Obozo would never have done that. He took all he could from the tax payers. He even wanted a law passed to INCREASE his lifetime salary. If anyone should be up in arms about costs, they should look into what the obozo family cost us after 8 years.

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