North Korea Prepares To Test Missile From Submarine


North Korea May Create Mobile Submarine ICBM-Launcher

North Korean Sub | Photo Credit Getty

New satellite images indicate that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un may be trying to launch a nuclear missile test from a submarine. If successful, this could worsen the fear Americans already have the country attack American soil.

The new information reveals that North Korea seems to have a game-changing nuclear missile test from a submarine. It comes from an area reported having “unusual activity,” according to American spy agencies.

The satellite images show an SINPO-class submarine, which is capable of launching ballistic missiles.

38 North Indicates Unusual Activity

Kim Jong Un | Photo Credit Reuters

The Sun reports:

“North Korean watchers 38North, which monitors military activity in the Stalinist country, has spotted changes on the boat and the facility it is docked in. The analysts believe satellite images indicate preparations for a major operation.”

“Its report states: “While the precise reason for this movement is unclear, one possibility is that it may have been long-term preparations for the recently reported voyage or an upcoming missile test.”

“Other images show huge development at the shipyard. Long-range ballistic missiles (ISBMs), and their submarine-housed counterparts (SLBMs), are rockets which can carry nuclear bombs and would be capable of striking the west coast of the US including cities such as Los Angeles and Seattle.”

65-Mete Submarine Spotted In International Waters

North Korean Sub | Photo Credit Getty

Newsweek reports:

“Two U.S. defense officials told CNN on Thursday that a North Korean submarine was engaged in “unusual deployment activity” over the past 48 hours. The 65-meter-long submarine has sailed 62 miles out into international waters in the Sea of Japan/ East Sea, farther than the vessel has ever gone before.”

“U.S. officials are following the submarine via reconnaissance, and the abnormal activity caused American and South Korean forces to slightly raise their alert level, according to one of the officials.”

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