Editorial: My take on Michelle Obama lecturing Donald Trump


Now not only Barack Obama is tearing into Donald Trump, so is his wife. Michelle Obama spoke on Thursday at a rally supporting Hillary Clinton about how bad Trump is for saying that he would only accept the results if he won. 

Note: The following has both sourced news elements and editorial pieces, reflecting the opinion of the writer. 

She also reprimanded him for saying that the election could be rigged.  In my opinion it seems Democrats are a little too worried about everyone suspecting a rigged election. 

Lectured By the President’s Wife

Michelle Obama (Credit: http://www.nytimes.com)
Michelle Obama (Credit: http://www.nytimes.com)

Michelle Obama spoke to a Phoenix, Arizona crowd about how the claims Trump made are “to convince you that your vote doesn’t matter … that you shouldn’t even bother to make your voice heard.  They are trying to take away your hope.”  

At the last debate between the two candidates, Trump said that he would keep everyone in suspense over if he would accept the results of the election. 

Mainstream Attack

Mainstream media has been attacking Donald Trump over the idea that he isn’t being supportive enough. How about the fact that Hillary Clinton and her posse declining to shake hands with the Trump? Is that not as worthy of media attention?  It’s customary to shake hands and be respectful, but Hillary Clinton decided to be petty.  She even requested a specific set-up so that her husband could stay away from Trump’s family during this time. 

Hillary Clinton continues to evade media attention for her wrongdoings. She can do what Trump cannot and get away with it. She didn’t want her husband around Trump because she knows he they will point it out. Media doesn’t point out the fact that she wouldn’t show proper respect with a handshake because, it’s obvious, they have her back.


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