Walking Dead Special Edition “Winslow” Blu-Ray Set Revealed


Teaming Up With McFarlane For Blu-Ray

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Amazon

Regardless of the fact that many fans were disappointed with Season 7 of The Walking Dead, it’s still likely they’ll be purchasing these awesome new limited edition Blu-Rays and new McFarlane toys.

The first look items include replica Winslow, from the tenth episode, which was called “New Best Friends.” This is when Rick first met Jadis and the Heapsters and they made him fight their mutated, spiked walker in the junkyard.

Lionsgate and Anchor Bay Entertainment worked with McFarlane for this box set.

Interactive Winslow Unlocks Access

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The Season 7 Limited Edition, with spike Walker Statue and Soft Touch Digipak will only be available on Amazon, this October. The set includes the full seventh season, along with special five-disc packaging and an interactive Winslow bust.

You actually have to remove one of the spikes going through Winslow in order to unlock the discs underneath. Greg Nicotero was excited to hear about this collaboration. He described Winslow as “an art installation.”

Nicotero really enjoyed creating this iconic walker.

“Rebar, Sawblades, Nails, and Knives…”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Greg Nicotero revealed:

“I started looking back to the scarecrows in Planet of the Apes, which had these big, long… they were really unique. They were big Xs that have this really haunting look. I thought it’d be really cool if we were to somehow mimic that with weapons and rebar and sawblades and nails and knives coming out.”

“We went from there. We refined the design. The helmet is basically a gas tank from a motorcycle … it took us about a month to build him, only because it was something so special and so intricate … I love stuff like that. I love the fact that seven and half years in, we’re able to come up with stuff that still feels iconic and memorable.”

Are you going to pre-order this amazing collectible?

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