Willie Robertson is best known for his starring role in Duck Dynasty, what most people don’t know, is his weird hobby.

Duck Dynasty was the biggest reality TV show ever, but still, most people don’t know everything about Willie.

So here are five things you may not have known about him, including his strange side project.

Willie meeting karma (source: Facebook)

He has a business degree

He runs Duck Commander and Buck Commander, two of the biggest hunting companies in Louisiana. He was entrusted with this job, in part, because he has a business background. Thanks to his success, he has the highest net worth of any Robertson — $20 million.

He’s an actor

He played himself in the 2014 movie God’s Not Dead along with his wife, Korie. In the film, Willie and Korie explain their faith to a reporter who doesn’t believe what they believe. Willie points out that success is not forever. “Jesus,” he says. “That’s eternal.”

Speaking of Willie and Korie…

source: Tumblr

The two met at a youth summer camp when Willie was in fourth grade and Korie was in third grade. 

“We were on a hike and I asked her to hold hands,” Willie said.

From then on, they’d be together. They got married a year after they graduated high school. 

He doesn’t call his parents “mom” and “dad.”

As you may know, he calls his mom and dad “Kay” and “Phil” for some reason. He’s been doing this since he was a teenager. He says it’s better for business dealings to call them by their first names rather than “mommy” and “daddy.”

He collects vehicles and hand-paints them

This is Willie’s weird hobby. He collects trucks and cars and paints them by hand. He’s even done camouflage detailing. But then he worries about getting in car accidents, which would ruin his paint jobs.

Willie Robertson in his hand-painted “duckflage” BMW (photo via Starcasm)Duck Dynasty tweetsWillie Robertson and his daughter, Sadie, with his “duckflage” BMW

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