Homeless Dog Living In A Cardboard Box Gets Rescued& Has A Heartwarming Transformation.


A homeless dog’s transformation: sick, sad and lonely on the street, he is rescued and turns into a joyful puppy surrounded by friends.
Buzu was living in a cardboard box, on the street and was in a very miserable shape when we rescued him. We do not know if he ever had an owner as he didn’t have a microchip but taking into account his skin condition, he seemed to have been roaming the streets for a very long time: full of fleas, he developed an allergic dermatitis which led to hair loss on some parts of his body( especially on his neck and back ). Untreated, it progressed, became chronic and get infected with Malassezia, a yeast that also caused him otitis. We had him on specific medication and medicated shampoos, but hair has still to grow on the affected areas. Except for the stubborn scalp problem that we hope will be solved, Buzu is a healthy puppy. He is~ 5-6 years old, still a little shy with people he doesn’t know, very submissive and calm. He’s not very interested in investigating new territories and feelings safer in the areas he knows, he likes to take a few runs in the garden, then to relax in the sunshine. He is friendly with other puppies and his best friend is a cat 🙂 He appreciates most the things he didn’t have on the street: love, food and security.
He is the kindest dog we’ve ever met and it’s so hard to understand how could have someone abandoned him and why he had been on the street for so many years.
Anyone willing to offer him the love and home he deserves please contact us on contact @howlofadog. org. Thank you!
Additional info: Buzu has an up-to-date medical record with all necessary inoculations and treatments and is now microchiped and neutered.

We managed to find Buzu a wonderful adoptive family in England.

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