There’s going to be a historical election in one week, and it’s for more than just one person.  It must slow the slide, the dangerous and deadly slide that’s been occurring for decades.  This slide has taken this country away from the principles it was founded on. It’s a slide that ends with a fall off a cliff, and once we’re over the edge, the country called the United States will disappear forever.

Don’t you think it can happen?  Think again. 

There have been innumerable populations throughout history that believed their country would always exist. And yet, maps change and countries come and go. As much as we would like to believe otherwise, the United States is not too big to fail. Just ask a Soviet if that’s true — provided you can find one.

Liberals have been very effective in starting this slide, in propelling it, in accelerating it, because they want it. 

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The Constitution, they say, is outdated, and it needs to be updated for the modern age.  Well, fine, change it, then, Liberals. In fact, the Constitution has a process built into it for such changes to be made. Go ahead. Amend the life out of the Constitution using the rules that are in place.  

However, if you want to effect change in some other fashion, like using the judicial branch of government to discover rights in the Constitution that aren’t there, or to put in place an elected CIC who will create executive order workarounds for a noncompliant Congress, then the people are – and should – take issue with the methods.  

Furthermore, calling the Constitution a “living, breathing” document is merely a line used to justify the reinterpretation of written law in order to erode our basic rights without the people’s actual consent — and how long have we watched these liberal tactics unfold?  How long have liberals been chiseling away the true meaning of phrases like “regulate commerce” or even “shall not be infringed”?

This country is the Constitution, and without it, we are nothing. It’s emotionally satisfying to believe that the U.S. is great because of its people. But do not be fooled by the lure of such poetry; there are countries all over the world filled with decent and hard-working people.

Only one country has a document that recognizes these people as the masters of its government. The United States Constitution is the greatest document of freedom that has ever existed.

Anyone who doubts this fact should not walk into a voting booth and influence its list of enforcers.

But one man, one vote, and there are too many men (and women) who want the United States to slide into oblivion. Personal rights require personal responsibility, and why be responsible for your actions when you can vote to make someone else responsible for them? Hence, the slide continues, with the endorsement of the people.

This is why the choice in this election is so important.

The United States has reached a critical phase now that Obama has spent the country into a debt that spikes every graph and pales every comparison. 

The current administration has meticulously divided the citizens and demonized its protectors. It has weakened our education and emboldened our enemies.  

Just as a moving mass accelerates the longer it slides, the Obama administration has increased this country’s slide to the edge. Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State in this administration. Think of the damage she’ll do if she has, even more power. Her goals are no different.

Contrast this to the positions and history of Donald Trump. 

Donald Trump is an entrepreneur whose best interests lie in the existence of this country.  He has never been part of a government that has intentionally brought us to the brink of extinction. He has voiced his desires to make this country great again – which should not be just a slogan, but a goal. Yet, this simple statement has been mocked by those who oppose him. 

He is up against a large, powerful group – both Republican and Democrat – who want to “update” the Constitution, in so doing, destroy the United States. They want to complete the slide and send the United States over the edge.

One man, one vote, one last chance to stop the slide.

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