Trump Gave An Inch Now Democrats Want Freedom For All Illegals


“Come one, come all” shouted Democrats from the halls of Congress. Okay, not really but they might as well be yelling it from the rooftops. Yesterday, President Trump signed an executive order to keep immigrant children with their parents.

Today, Democrats want all illegal immigrants set free.

Democrats want freedom for illegal immigrants
Photo Credit | Texarkana Gazette

It’s been (another) tumultuous week in politics thanks to a well-designed strategy by Democrats and left-wing media. Desperate to seize control of Congress in November, they turned an immigration problem that existed long before 2018 into an all-out war.

A war against Donald Trump.

Pictures, videos, and bleeding hearts took over radio and television airwaves as leftists demanded Trump stop separating children from their criminal parents. Yes, we said criminals because that is what they are. If you cross the border illegally you are breaking the law, period. 

And doing it with your child in tow, hoping their presence will garner you favor, is tantamount to child abuse. Kind of like sending your four-year old across hundreds of miles of dangerous terrain, alone, with only a phone number written on her shirt.

Nevertheless, to quell the drama, President Trump signed an order to stop separating children from their parents. Agree or disagree, he really is trying to do the right thing. However, Democrats aren’t the least bit interested in what’s right.

And they don’t give a hoot about these children.

If they did, they would’ve have addressed the problem years ago when their savior Obama was in the Oval Office. Not to mention, they wouldn’t be refusing to support GOP legislation that could solve rather than band-aid the problem.

No, what Democrats want is for Trump to end his zero tolerance policy so they can hand-over America to illegal immigrants. They want open borders, so they’ll have an endless supply of new voters. Voters that will stand by the liberal politicians who “saved” them from mean old Trump.


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