Factors To Determine Whether An Alien Is Deportable

Welfare Reform | Photo Credit Al Jazeera Two Leftist news sources have claimed to receive a leaked copy of President Trump’s newest executive order plans. In this rumored document, a hefty majority of immigrants would not be able to continue taking money from American taxpayers.

The Washington Post reported that these orders would “deny admission to any alien who is likely to become a public charge.”

In addition, it document would also develop standards to “determining whether an alien is deportable.”

This would keep an eye on immigrants for the first five years of entry.

Essentially, this alleged plan’s goal would be to make the immigration system in America more “merit-based.” Anyone would still be welcome, but immigrants couldn’t simply arrive and then get on welfare.

Likewise, New York magazine said the order would “bar undocumented immigrants from accessing the child tax credit when their children are U.S. citizen,” which would stop immigrant families with multiple children.

Essentially, this stops new “anchor babies” from entering the country…

Welfare Is A Problem That Doesn’t Need Traction

Welfare Reform | Photo Credit Slate

Obviously, liberals are up-in-arms over this potential new executive order. The Democrats are saying that immigrants are only a small portion of the general populace, but less of a bad thing is hardly an argument.

Beyond their “argument,” the Center for Immigration Studies created a 2012 report that said 51 percent of all immigrant households currently collect welfare. This is a problem. Lots of Americans also collect welfare, which is also a problem.

Do you agree with Trump’s rumored plan to limit immigrants on welfare?

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