Hollywood Elites Attack Ivanka Trump, TBS Backs Samantha Bee


There are a few certainties in life besides death and taxes. One of them is that liberal feminists will always prove they don’t really care about all women. Another certainty is that double standards do exist in a progressive world, where the left is always right. Our case in point involves three women: Ivanka Trump, Roseanne Barr, and Samantha Bee.

Ivanka Trump-Roseanne-Samantha Bee

As you know, all hell broke loose earlier this week when Roseanne posted what some called a “racist” tweet about Valerie Jarrett. The backlash for the tweet has been swift and harsh. ABC canceled the Roseanne show. Her talent agency also dumped Barr and Viacom pulled re-runs from Paramount and CMT networks.

And yet, despite apologizing to Jarrett several times, Roseanne’s life is destroyed. Forever labeled a racist, she may never work again. Equally as bad, the left declared victory. They wanted Roseanne gone from the get-go because she threatened the liberal agenda and feminist movement.

How do we know? Well, that’s where Ivanka Trump and Samantha Bee come in.

Wednesday night, on her TBS show Full Frontal, Bee verbally attacked Ivanka in a vile monologue about illegal immigration. While we won’t repeat it, her commentary involved using the “c” word and thinly-veiled suggestions of incest.

Just like with Roseanne, the backlash was quick. However, unlike with Roseanne, the outrage is one-sided. Conservatives are angry not only at the demeaning language Bee used to describe Ivanka, a mother of three, but at the double standard.

On the contrary, the leftist feminazis that rushed to support Valerie Jarrett and condemn Roseanne, are supporting Samantha Bee. And they showed that support on social media, by doubling-down on Bee’s vile attack on Ivanka.

Oscar-winning actress Sally Field was the first to speak out. “I like Samantha Bee a lot, but she is flat wrong to call Ivanka a c**t,” Field tweeted. “C**ts are powerful, beautiful, nurturing and honest.” That tweet has nearly 200k likes and over 40k re-tweets.

Moments later, actress Minnie Driver chimed in. “That was the wrong word for Samantha Bee to have used,” wrote Driver. “But mostly because (to paraphrase the French) Ivanka has neither the warmth nor the depth.”  55k likes and over 10k re-tweets.

Another huge difference in the response to Roseanne and Samantha Bee is how their respective networks chose to react. Like we said, Roseanne apologized but ABC and Disney didn’t care. Disney CEO Bob Iger even called Valerie Jarrett to apologize, earning him the ire of President Trump. 

Bee “apologized” too and everyone cheered, including TBS. 

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